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There's No Place Quite Like Mobile, Alabama

Mobile is the birthplace of the original Mardi Gras. Still celebrated every year, Mobile's Mardi Gras began in 1703. The city takes pride in having a truly family-friendly jubilee. Combine that with the unique flavor of the south, dozens of beaches and wildlife reserves, tons of fantastic restaurants, the laid-back environment, beautifully warm weather, and best of all the gorgeous and historic homes.

A 300-year history defines Mobile's rich and diverse culture. Originally inhabited by the Muskhogean Native Americans, the area was settled by the French, followed by Britain and Spain, and all merged  with African and Creole heritage, it is an amalgamation of many cultures and rich with lore and history.

It is one the Gulf Coast's prominent cultural centers with its own symphony, ballet, and opera, and equally flush with many museums and a centers for art and theatre. More Hall of Fame baseball players have hailed from Mobile than any other area besides Chicago and New York. Mobile is also a favorite area for filmmakers because of its beauty and style.

With such a variety of festivals, access to the shores, cruises stationed out of Mobile, vacation beach resorts just a short hour or less away, and the cultural centers, parks and historic areas, there is so much to offer the Mobile resident. Did we mention food? There are so many restaurants with a myriad of flavors, even the picky eater will find a haven.

Living in Mobile

Not just a playground, Mobile has a serious business side and is dedicated education, medicine, expansion, and technology. More and more companies are settling into Mobile creating a stable economy and more opportunities for Mobile citizens

Aerospace, medicine, construction, services, and manufacturing are among their major industries. Mobile is also a major port hub for several industries, such as railways, water, air, recreation, and a major thoroughfare for shouter road travel..

Home to several excellent colleges and universities, private schools, and an aggressive public education system, it is an excellent place for your children, or you, to find quality education. There are four major medical centers inside Mobile's borders and University of Alabama is home to the USA Children's and Women's hospital, which is dedicated exclusively to women and children.

Choosing Your Real Estate

With the prolific history of homes and real estate, the process of finding the perfect home is a walk in the park. A plethora of architectural styles is available in this creative and abundant city. Pre-Civil War estates shine in the glow of Greek and Gothic Revival, Creole cottages, and Italianate. Architecture then exploded with Victorian styles, Colonial Revival, Spanish Colonial Revival, Tudor Revival, Beaus-Arts, the modest shotgun homes, and more.

There are nine major historic districts, which consist of some well-known names like Old Dauphin Way lower Dauphine Street, Church Street East, Leinkauf, Ashland Place, Midtown, Campground, De Tonti square, and Oakleigh Garden. In the midst of all this fantastic real estate are historic churches, convents, hospitals, firehouses, cottages, schools,  and famous houses, such as the Hunter House. Even the Gulf, Mobile, and Ohio Passenger Terminal is historically housed.

You'll have no problem finding your ideal Mobile Alabama Real Estate and enjoy your new home with all the history that surrounds it. Remax is your ideal partner for your journey into Mobile real estate.